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谈面试大忌(双语) --5 ::3 来源:   According to a new survey of nearly 500 human-resources professionals released by the U.S. Department of Labor, there are plenty of ways to derail a job interview and some of them may surprise you.  美国人力资源协会最近对近500名人力资源经理做了一项新调查,发现应聘者在面试过程中有很多地方容易把事情搞砸,其中一些可能会让你大吃一惊  The basic don'ts: arriving late to an interview or trashing a previous employer. But some hiring managers say even experienced professionals have made other slip-ups.  这些基本的错误不要犯:参加面试不要迟到,不要贬低以前的雇主不过有些招聘经理表示,有时候甚至连久经沙场的应聘者也会在阴沟里翻船  Often, job candidates speak in a too-familiar way with hiring managers a major problem, according to % of survey respondents. Mary Willoughby, director of human resources at the Center Disability Rights in Rochester, N.Y., once interviewed someone who was so comtable, he commented on a sty she had near her eye.  应聘者往往会以一种过于亲昵的语气与招聘经理交谈——根据%受访者的反馈,这是一个普遍问题纽约州罗切斯特市残疾人维权中心的人力资源主管玛丽·维罗比说,有一次她面试的应聘者自我感觉过于良好,居然起她眼角的一颗麦粒肿  "My mind was made up at that point," she says. The candidate was not hired.  “当时我就做出了决定,” 玛丽说那名应聘者没有得到职位   67% of hiring managers who responded to the survey, dressing provocatively is a major deal breaker even more significant than having a typo in your application materials (58% found this to be an interview killer). Chantal Verbeek, head of enterprise talent at ING U.S. Financial Services, says she'll give a typo if the applicant's skills are extraordinary, but revealing or sloppy apparel equals an instant rejection.  67%的受访者认为,着装不当是个大忌——它比求职简历中出现错字都要严重(58%的接受调查者认为这是一个重大失误)荷兰国际集团美国金融务业务部人力资源部的负责人查恩塔尔·沃比克说,如果应聘者技能出众,她可以原谅简历中出现一个错字,但衣着暴露或穿着懒散等同于立刻被拒绝  From the Society Human Resource Management survey of nearly 500 HR managers:  人力资源协会对近500名人力资源经理所做的调查还发现:  *30% of hiring managers will decide whether to hire you within minutes.  * 30%的招聘经理将在分钟内决定是否雇佣应聘者  * 0% of hiring managers say a cellphone ringing in the middle of an interview is a "deal breaker".  *0%的招聘经理表示,如果在面试中应聘者的手机突然响起,那就“没得可谈”  * 70% prefer job candidates to have unpaid internship experience directly related to their companies' work versus paid employment in an unrelated field.  *70%的招聘经理更喜欢应聘者在其公司涉及的领域有过不领工资的实习经验,而不是在非涉及的领域有过全职的工作经验  * 39% say "chemistry" with a job applicant s half of their hiring decision  *39%的招聘经理说,能否与应聘者产生“化学反应”在其招聘决策中占有一半的作用  Job seekers have also been blasting HR managers with questions about benefits, vacation time and schedule flexibility much too soon in the interview process, according to the survey. (Thirty percent of hiring managers say it's okay applicants to inquire about salary in post-interview follow-up conversations.) Some 39% of hiring managers surveyed said applicants shouldn't bring up salary at all unless the interviewer brings it up first.  该调查显示,在面试过程中,一些应聘者过早地向人力资源经理提出诸如福利奖金、休假时间和工作灵活性等问题(30%的招聘经理表示,招聘者在面试结束后的双方交流中问起薪水问题是可以的)约39%的受访招聘经理表示,应聘者根本不应该询问待遇水平,除非是面试官主动提起  "I've had candidates ask if they can work part-time from home right off the bat," Ms. Willoughby says. "Let's figure out if you're the right person this job bee we discuss how little you want to be in the office."  “有些应聘者一开始就问他们能不能在家上班” 维罗比说,“正确的顺序是,等我们决定你适不适合这份工作,再来讨论你愿意在办公室里呆多久”  Shawn Desgrosellier, president of Vitality Group Executive Search, coaches job candidates to go into an interview with something anything in their hands. The step maintains focus. (He suggested a pen, a notepad or your résumé.) "It's just awkward going into an interview with nothing," he says.  一家猎头公司Vitality Group Executive Search的总裁肖恩·戴斯格罗斯勒建议应聘者参加面试时手上一定要拿点东西——随便什么都行,这样能让你保持专注(他建议拿一笔、一本笔记本或一份自己的简历)“两手空空走进面试地点会让人有些手足无措,”他说道  And the mal thank-you letter after the interview? More than 60% of HR managers who responded say skipping the step is not a big deal. A brief email will suffice cards and balloons are all overboard.  那么,应聘者要不要在面试后发一封正式的感谢信呢?60%以上接受调查的人力资源经理认为,省略这一步也无伤大雅,发一封简短的电子邮件就行——但送贺卡和色气球就不必了。


"The next day, the dress was on the cover of every single newspaper and there was Marchesa written as well. And it really hit home that this is what a red carpet can do a brand," said Chapman, who is married to one of Hollywood's most powerful men, film producer Harvey Weinstein.。

  Threats: Since the privacy law in China is not clear on whether parents can directly post their childrenrsquo;s photos or s online without consent, and since there are no clear penal provisions, it is not easy to use legal means to curb ;sharenting;.。

如何用英语鼓励同事 --7 :8: 来源: 1.Pullyourselftogether.  振作起来  .Keepyourchinup.  别灰心  3.Don'tletitgetyoudown.Itwillbeoverwithsoon.  别为此烦恼事情很快就会过去的  .Don'tbesomiserable!  别这愁眉苦脸的  5.Cheerup!thingswillworkoutthebest.  高兴点儿事情会有好结果的  6.Takeheart-we'llfindawayout.  振作起来,我们会有办法的  7.Keeptrying!Don'tgiveuptheship.  继续努力!别轻易放弃!  8.Loosenup!It'snotworthgettingupsetabout.  放松点儿!不值得为这件事苦恼  9.Hanginthere.Thingswillgetbetter.  坚持住,情况会好起来  .Keepsmiling!Thingswillcalmdown.  乐观一点,事情会平息下来的  .It'snotasbadasallthat.  事情没有那么糟  .Thingsareneverasbadastheyseem.  事情往往不像看上去的那么糟  .Winafew,loseafew.That'slife.  有得也有失,生活就是如此  .Let'slookonthebrightside.  我们来看看它好的一面  .Everycloudhasasilverlining.  再黑暗的地方也有一线光明  .Whengodclosesadoor,heopensawindow.  山不转水转  .Tomorrowisanotherday.  有明天就有希望。